Sex Dolls Can Be Customized to Your Liking

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Thu, Apr 4 2019 11:00 AM Tue, Jun 12 2300 1:30 PM

Sex dolls can learn your name

Do you know the wife of the Netherlands? We can thank the Dutch sailors of the 17th century for inventing the first personality doll. In long voyages, men are often lonely, deprived of physical feelings, and men will take them to meet their sexual needs. The precursors of these modern silicone sex doll are made of cloth and old clothes and are called "Dutch wife" by the Japanese.

In terms of prediction and technology, artificial intelligence is in everyone's mouth year after year. Therefore, it is not surprising to include it in the 2019 list. In recent years, a large number of "smart" sex toys have appeared on the market, and virtual partners and algorithms can meet our needs. He expects to start an "artificial revolution" this year, which will soon bring us dirty vibrators and learn our favorite sex dolls from biometric data.

They can't act in the way humans can, but their incredible character and realism will make you do double shooting. The recent development boom has led to more complex TPE sex doll that have caught the media's attention. Robot lovers and spies? In addition, even though we and our sex robots can't continue to kill fanaticism - there are also people who may be monitoring our nightmare.

Now, customers can expect to start receiving the same gender robots within the next month. In the past few years, companies around the world have begun to integrate robotics and artificial intelligence into their sex dolls. Their appearance can be customized not only according to your preferences, but also to speak, learn your name, and make small moves.

We've heard from many security experts that webcams aren't secure, so what happens when Amazon's home assistant can choose to eavesdrop on our private conversations? Although the ferocious pistil may take several years, someone in the upcoming place may be listening to your true possibility.

Therefore, this not only indicates that the future is full of life-like synthetic partners. They are becoming more popular and their technology is becoming more advanced, which shows that sex dolls are becoming mainstream, and the people who own it are becoming more and more acceptable.

These contacts include a new feature called "X-Mode." It uses sensors from the robot headboard to respond to things like movement and touch, in addition to the basic facial movements and lip sync we experienced last year in San Marcos, as well as unique sounds and expressions.

Induction robot head with AI platform, induction headboard and motorized steering gear capable of moving neck, chin, mouth and eyes, priced at $10,000 (about 7,775 pounds, or 13,650 Australian dollars), can be transplanted to existing dolls As an upgrade. We live in an incredible period of progress for art lovers.

As for the robot head, he hopes to complete all the work as soon as possible.

“We are considering completing the first work setup for all of these components by the end of August, which means that the new app talks to the headboard with X-Mode, has sensory integration and is able to get some expression and sound robots,” he said. . “We plan to have 15 layers of artificial intelligence, and the first layer adds more progress to the previous layer,” said the Artificial Intelligence and Content Director. “We are currently at the fourth level. ”

Don't worry about your sex doll? However, others expressed skepticism. The demon scene about the rampage and death. Jason McNair, who had previously worked with the White House Communications Bureau, said in an interview that he is not worried that sexy robots will become deadly.

Last year, he traveled to San Marcos, Calif., to conduct an early post-mortem study of a new generation of artificial intelligence doll robots, the maker of the popular urdolls range of customizable dolls. The artificial intelligence revolution is going on, so are sex doll with beauty, muscles and brain?

However, with regard to guarantees, they are really not so reassured. Based on his discussion with sex dolls, he seems to think that sex robots are not too threatened because they are mainly formed for men and women. “The d cup sex doll robot covered with silicone will not be able to do much physically,” he said. One thing we know is that, like fully automated vehicles and multi-function home robots, this is a problem that needs to be addressed seriously.

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