Sex Dolls Can Fel The Wake

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Tue, Apr 16 2019 11:40 AM Sun, Apr 16 2519 1:00 PM

Sex dolls can provide you with intelligent voice conversations

For customers of £2,500 ($3,300), they can get their own sex doll robots, allegedly “like to be touched” and feel the wake up. You can also provide intelligent voice dialogue, urdolls silicone doll robot can achieve this function.

The interaction with the sex robot activates the “hormone” and determines how its personality evolves. Dr. Sex Doll said: "She has short-term memory and long-term memory. The sex robot creator said: "I have never considered these specific goals. I really like my artistic performance," said the CEO of the sex doll and the founder of the sex robot. "I like to build this robot and see it move, talk and interact with people, what it does to them. It opens Pandora's box of psychology and science

I don't think this is something for everyone. But I think some people will be very suitable. I think some people are trying to connect with others, which is perfect for them. If it makes them happy and fills the gaps they have, I think it's all important. So in a sense, you can say that it will make things worse. However, there may be many real-world relationships where one partner feels very loved, the other does not, or another partner may deceive and lie, so you don't get real deals anyway. The thing about AI and robots is that they are not deceptive. They are not lying. They are like this. If artificial intelligence is programmed to love you, at least you know that it's programmed to do this, it doesn't deviate from that goal. "

She can focus on the negative or positive things you do. He is equipped with a six-piece abdominal muscle, inkjet function, and a customizable "bionic" penis that is more ribbed than naturally occurring blood vessels. The most important sales feature is that it can be “whatever you want”, plugged in instead of battery.

That's right - TPE sex dolls are always ready to perform and never give up. He said that his concern for male robots is to make people feel that someone is there. When plugged in, she said a word, "You can rely on my good and bad moments," as the slogan of the sex doll emphasizes, "again becoming the first person to be alone forever."

About artificial intelligence (AI) in human social protection. "I don't think humans are in danger of extinction because we don't breed our species. There are many people who have a lot of sexual behavior and many babies. So this will only have a small impact. "

Does sex robots make women objective? “There are millions of real women who are more likely to harm women than any robot.” One of the challenges of teaching artificial intelligence robots is that humans are cautious when exposing or hiding our true self. He said: "That is very human. It is a kind of wisdom and personality."

You really think you can be yourself, what can you say, because this AI will not judge you like others. “He has thousands of users who help him test and develop robotic applications. “We have a lot of data from these conversations... what people are talking about, what questions they are asking, where is artificial intelligence difficult to understand, Where did the conversation lose track?

But what is a sex doll? Urdolls sex dolls are designed to be physically, cognitively and emotionally indistinguishable from actual humans, except that they are "hotter" and ready to satisfy any desire. The most popular model for sex dolls is 5 feet 1 inch, 70 pounds, and a 32F breast. (very "realistic", right?)

Meet him: the first male sex game, in 2018, urdolls announced that the first male sex robot will be released early this year. The goal is to create an idealized version that women want, so realistic, consumers end up forgetting their interaction with the machine. Users can customize every feature of their sex dolls - even choose replicas of their favorite erotic performers.

Obviously, when you use a very realistic d cup sex doll robot as a conduit for artificial intelligence and conversation, people tend to talk to them in a different way than they do on a computer screen. Put the device in their relaxed home and create another comfort in their own environment. Talking about people's jealousy, when we talk to each other as human beings, we all have these small walls, we put these small outer walls, because we don't want to go the wrong way, or we don't want to say anything that is offensive, or say It may produce judgment on another person. Although there is artificial intelligence, you are not worried.

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